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Aspire to Retire with a Sweet Ending to a New Beginning

Retirement Project PH is a recently launched online publication platform in the Philippines’ financial sector. We firmly believe that Filipino employees who are approaching retirement should be aware of the options accessible to them, such as investing in the best retirement plan available in the Philippine market and taking advantage of their employer’s retirement offers. With financial concepts and ideas ranging from retirement planning, personal finance, and behavioral finance, we promote financial literacy and awareness to guide our users—especially OFWs and young professionals—to help them achieve a comfortable and financially secured retirement life.

Your Retirement
Retiring in the Philippines offers an unparalleled combination of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and affordable living. With its tropical climate, stunning beaches, and welcoming locals, the Philippines provides retirees with an idyllic setting to enjoy their golden years. From bustling cities to serene countryside retreats, there's something for everyone seeking a peaceful and fulfilling retirement in this diverse and welcoming archipelago.

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Here's What You'll Learn:

Maximizing Retirement Benefits:

Understand the various retirement benefits available in the Philippines, such as Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth, and learn how to avail of each one. This knowledge can help ensure that you make the most of the benefits you are entitled to, enhancing your financial security in retirement.

Financial Literacy and Planning

Gain insights into effective retirement planning, personal finance management, and behavioral finance. By learning these concepts, you can make informed decisions about saving, investing, and spending, which are crucial for achieving a comfortable and secure retirement.

Exploring Retirement Options in the Philippines

Discover the diverse and appealing retirement destinations in the Philippines, from bustling cities to serene countryside retreats. Learn about the affordable living, natural beauty, and vibrant culture that make the Philippines an ideal place to retire, helping you plan your dream retirement destination.

Planning for retirement involves managing a myriad of details, and our tailored Excel sheets are designed to make this process seamless and stress-free. These tools are packed with smart formulas and easy-to-use templates that will help you stay organized, track your savings, and make informed decisions every step of the way.

Managing your money can be a bit challenging & overwhelming. But with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be!
That’s why we created this simple, no-fuss, yet functional budget planner template. It’s designed to help you allocate your money wisely and healthily, so you can still leave room for extra savings at the end of the day.

Setting and achieving goals is a crucial aspect of personal and professional development. Our goal tracker is designed to help individuals and teams systematically plan, track, and accomplish their objectives. This sophisticated tool offers an array of functionalities to ensure you stay on course and reach your targets efficiently.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying organized and managing one’s time effectively can be a challenge. Our comprehensive life planner is designed to help you streamline your daily activities, set achievable goals, and maintain a balanced lifestyle.



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Net Worth Tracker: Monitor your assets and liabilities to know your financial standing.

✨ Bill Tracker: Keep track of due dates and monitor personal and household expenses.

✨ Goal Planner: Set and track your financial goals to ensure you stay on target.

✨ Debt Payoff Tracker: Plan and track your debt payments to achieve financial freedom.

✨ Rental Income & Expense Tracker: Track your rental income and expenses to maximize your investments.

🤩 Features:

✅ Aesthetic Visuals
✅ Visual Insights and Overview
✅ Customizable
✅ Automatic Calculations

✅ Google Sheets and Excel Compatible
✅ Affordable
✅ Step-by-step Guide
✅ Easy to use

🤔 Why You Should Use this Tracker?

💡 User Friendly: Our intuitive interface makes budgeting straightforward, even if you’re new to managing money.

💡 Visualize Your Progress: Use graphs and charts to see your spending patterns and savings growth over time.

💡 Adaptable to Your Needs : Customize the layout and colors of your interface, categories, and percentages to fit your unique financial situation.

💡 Reduces Stress and Gain Financial Peace: Knowing that your expenses are organized and under control can reduce financial stress and anxiety.

Try our Retirement tools Calculator!

Retirement Funds Calculator

Calculates and display the annual and monthly fund that you need for your retirement

Education Planner Calculator

Plan your child’s future education by calculating how much you need to invest monthly and annually.

Return of Investment Calculator

Evaluate your investment and judge how well a particular investment has performed whether a gain or loss.

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