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5 Reasons Why Traveling Is the Best Medicine for the Soul

Wouldn’t it be great to give yourself a little break, escape all the craziness of everyday life, and explore incredible new places? I’m a blogger who has spent over a decade traveling the world. Here are five reasons you should strive to travel when you can.

Hi, I’m Ferona, a writer and blogger at Travelistia. I love traveling, exploring new places, and sharing my experiences seeing the world.

There are many reasons why I would encourage people to travel. Here are five of them!

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The Thrill of Travel

Wouldn’t it be great to give yourself a little break, escape all the craziness of everyday life, and explore incredible new places? I’m a travel blogger who has spent over a decade traversing the world. Whenever I set foot on a new continent, country, or even enter a city in my home country I haven’t been to before, I feel energized and refreshed.

It’s like eating an entire plain cheese sandwich when you are out of money—it doesn’t matter what it tastes like because your soul has been fed! Traveling isn’t just about seeing new places and cultures, it’s about experiencing a different way of life. It’s about seeing the lives of others who you may have never encountered if you didn’t take the time to bring yourself there. Traveling can change your perspectives on multiple aspects of your life, the lives of others, and even the world overall.

Here are five reasons you should try traveling more. It’s time to see something new and experience new things!

1. You Learn About Yourself

The first thing you’ll learn when traveling is how you can do things you never thought possible. You will begin to see the world differently and may feel like you are invincible. Maybe you’re used to always doing something with a friend. Then their flight is delayed, you’re forced to spend the day by yourself, and then you end up loving it. Perhaps you’ll realize companionship isn’t always necessary, and that you noticed more happening around you when you weren’t engaged with someone else.

The second thing you may learn about yourself is that many people have lived through the same situations as you. They have been where you are now and know how to get through the hard times while even still managing to smile and laugh.

Their stories will inspire you to keep going. When something goes wrong, they pick themselves up and dust themselves off because they’ve done it before and can do it again.

2. You Are Forced to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you are forced to step out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you, it’s like taking medicine.

You’re not only going to learn something new, but you’ll be able to overcome future fears or worries about doing something new. When you take a trip, many things can happen—good and bad—but the experience will always be memorable because you were forced to deal with it, and you did.

Imagine you’re from a major city in the United States and you are used to using ride-share apps like Uber to call a car when going home late at night. Then imagine you’re in a small town in Europe, you don’t have cell service, and even if you did, they don’t use Uber. So, you have to call a cab. But you’ve never done so before, and you’re embarrassed you don’t know the number or speak the native language.

Nevertheless, you instigate asking for help, fumble through some awkward conversations, and then you’re in the backseat of a car on your way to the next destination. See, calling a cab will never feel so out of your comfort zone again!

3. Unplug Yourself from Worries

When you travel, you unplug yourself from life’s many issues. You get to go somewhere else and not have to worry about work, home, or money. You can relax in a different environment with new people and experience new things. It can help you learn more about yourself and what you want from life if you’re not so focused on checking your email or getting all your bills paid.

Traveling is a great way to step away from your problems and recharge your batteries so that when you return home, you can look at everything with a clearer mind.

4. You Become More Open-Minded

Traveling is a great way to experience new things, meet new people and get in touch with your surroundings. Without trying, you’ll become more open-minded when you travel. You’re forced outside your comfort zone, which can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

You’ll have the opportunity to be around people speaking entirely different languages or eating foods you’ve never even seen before. You may try a new drink with an alcohol you’d always avoided back home, only to realize you love it. Imagine, finding your new go-to cocktail while on vacation? Every time you order it, you’ll be able to reminisce on your days away from home!

5. You Have New Experiences

When you travel, without trying, you’ll gain experiences, meet new people, and explore exciting ideas. These experiences will make you a better person in your everyday life. Traveling can make you less stressed and happier because of all the excitement about what’s to come throughout the rest of the trip.

When we don’t travel, we miss out on these growth opportunities. We miss seeing how other people live their lives, and what makes them happy or sad. We also miss out on meeting people who have different personalities and perspectives from our own. Bringing these people into your life can teach you more about what’s happening around the world or help you appreciate the life you have at home.

Final Words

Give the ideas discussed in this article some consideration if you are debating whether it’s time to begin planning a trip.

Ultimately, it’s essential to be considerate of yourself and those around you, but with the proper planning and general desire to travel and explore, you can find yourself reset and refreshed after a lovely vacation. Even if it’s a just a road trip a few hours outside of your hometown!

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