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A Conversation with Cody Garrett: Empowering DIY Investors through Financial Education

A Conversation with Cody Garrett: Empowering DIY Investors through Financial Education

A Passion for Empowering DIY Investors

Welcome to the NewRetirement Podcast. In episode 76, Steve Chen sits down with Cody Garrett, a dedicated advice-only financial planner and educator. Cody shares his journey from being a musician to becoming a financial planner and educator. His passion lies in empowering DIY investors and helping families make informed decisions on their path to financial independence.

From Musician to Financial Planner

Cody’s background is quite unique. Growing up in an analytical, data-driven family, he found his love for music at a young age. Despite his family’s engineering background, Cody pursued his passion and obtained a bachelor’s degree in music theory. He further honed his skills at the Berkeley College of Music, studying contemporary music. After a successful career as a professional musician, Cody realized the importance of making well-informed financial decisions and embarked on a journey to learn more about personal finance.

The Importance of Clarity and Intentionality

As Cody delved deeper into the world of personal finance, he discovered the significance of clarity and intentionality in financial planning. He believes that comprehensive financial plans and personalized education are essential for individuals to make informed decisions about their finances. Cody emphasizes the need for individuals to have access to the tools and knowledge necessary to create their own financial plans.

Technology and AI in Financial Planning

Cody envisions a future where technology and AI play a significant role in financial planning. He believes that these advancements can empower individuals to ask better questions and provide guidance in creating personalized financial plans. Cody sees financial advisors as arrangers and orchestrators, guiding individuals through the process rather than acting as conductors. With the right tools and technology, Cody believes that financial planning can become accessible to everyone.

Creating a Well-Informed Financial Future

Cody’s ultimate goal is to ensure that individuals have the knowledge and resources to make well-informed decisions about their financial future. He emphasizes the importance of personalized education and advice, as well as the role of financial planners in providing comprehensive financial plans. Cody envisions a future where individuals feel empowered and confident in their ability to navigate the complexities of personal finance.


Cody Garrett’s journey from musician to financial planner and educator is a testament to the power of personal growth and the pursuit of knowledge. His passion for empowering DIY investors and his belief in the importance of personalized education and comprehensive financial planning are inspiring. As technology continues to evolve, Cody sees a future where financial planning is accessible to all, and individuals have the tools and knowledge to create a well-informed financial future.

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