As the second largest archipelagic country in the world, the Philippines has so much to offer. With its 7,641 islands blessed with awe-inspiring beaches, hiking trails, and historical spots, it is one of the most famous destinations in southeast Asia. However, it may be challenging to do all the exploration alone, especially for people who are new to travelling in the country. That’s where Philippines tour packages come in handy.

A tour package typically includes a tour guide, activities equipment, accommodation, and sometimes, even complimentary food and drinks. This service is usually offered by travel agencies or tour operators to simplify a traveller’s planning and organising stage by taking care of the itinerary for them. Here’s a list of our best Philippines tour packages for 2024: 

Philippines Tour Packages from Manila

For those arriving in Manila and planning to stay here for a few days, here are some tour packages you can check out:

Manila and Mount Pinatubo: 3-day Package

A package that combines the urban appeal of Manila and the nature trip type tour to Mount Pinatubo into a single 3-day tour, giving the best of both worlds and maximising your time.

The package includes accommodation, entrance fees, and lunch in Manila. 

From Manila to White Beaches of Bohol – 6 days Tour

Another 2-in-1 option is the Manila to the White Beaches of Bohol package, which is 6 days of non-stop exploration. From the busy streets of Manila to the natural wonders and outdoor activities offered by Bohol, this one is the best Philippines tour packages to opt for.

This package tour includes accommodation, transportation, a one-way flight from Manila to Bohol, lunch on specific days, daily breakfast, snorkeling gear, and a paddleboard activity. 

Pagsanjan Falls Day Tour

Standing 81 metres tall (298.5 feet), Pagsanjan Falls is Laguna Province’s most famous attraction, and going for this day tour means a fun-packed day. The trip takes about 3 hours from Makati to PAgsanhan, but there’s a stop at a local community where guests will have the opportunity to meet and connect with the locals.

Also included in the tour is the local train ride. The transportation fees are included in this trip, with the exception of the boat trip, which is a 250 PHP (about 4.45 USD) payment for the boatman. It’s best to bring waterproof bags to ensure gadgets won’t get wet.

Sagada & Banaue Rice Terraces 4-day Tour

With their colder climate and breathtaking vistas, Sagada and Banaue are among the local favourite summer vacation spots. Sagada is nestled in the Mountain Province and is famous for its Hanging Coffins and the Sumaguing Cave. On the other hand, Banaue, in the Ifugao Province, is where its very own UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banaue Rice Terraces, is situated.

Both of these destinations not only provide fascinating views but will also give their guests a deeper insight into the Igorot culture because this 4-day tour includes a visit to all of these incredible attractions and more, plus a chance to mingle with the locals of the region. Because these two sites are known for their panoramic scenery, it’s recommended that you bring a camera. Also, walking shoes, hats, sunscreen, insect repellent, and, most importantly, cash is a must.

The following are included in this package:

  • Transportation and entrance fees to all sites
  • Accommodation for two nights in Sagada and Batas
  • Local guides
  • Breakfast on day 2-4
  • Lunch on Day 3 and Day 4

Philippines Tour Packages from Bohol

Bohol is a province in the Philippines located in the Central Visayan region. For people looking for tour packages in the Philippines from Bohol, see the following options:

Countryside Wonders of Bohol with Chocolate Hills

Bohol is known to be home to the second tiniest primate species, the tarsiers. This is also where Chocolate Hills stands proud. Picking this tour will give visitors the opportunity to visit Bihar’s man-made Forest, which is a sanctuary for the tarsiers.

The tour includes an exploration of the Loboc River on a Stand-up Paddleboard or SUP and a masterclass of salt-making the Boholano way. An option for ATV adventure through the Chocolate Hills is also available for an extra fee of 700 PHP (about 12.45 USD).

Pamilacan Island Tour with Dolphin and Turtles Watching

Off the beaten tourist destination in Bohol, Pamilacan gives its lucky visitors the chance to watch dolphins and sea turtles from afar. While seeing whale sharks and even whales is a roll of dice, it’s still a great tour to pick because of the varied activities included, such as snorkelling and boating.

As a bonus experience, guests will have an opportunity to dine with the locals, like the locals. Other things included are complimentary morning coffee, snorkelling equipment, and a tour guide. Note that towels and drinks are not included in the tour.

Bohol Tour Package: 3-day Paradise Adventure

Combining Bohol and Pamilacan tours into a single, 3-day tour, this Abraham Philippines Tour Package is recommended for people who like extended vacations.

The tour includes 3 nights of shared room accommodation in Abraham Bohol, which can be upgraded to a private room. Breakfast is already complimentary to the package, while lunch is available on selected days. The package also includes entrance fees to all sites, transportation, and snorkeling gear. 

Virgin Island Sunset Tour

Virgin Island, locally known as Pungtud Island, is technically not an island but a long sandbar. Guests will be able to swim in its crystal-clear waters while drinking cold drinks and chatting with other tourists. The tour ends with a relaxing night swim.

The best time to book this tour is when the weather is warm and sunny – which is between December and April. The coast guard may ask the people on the island to leave if the weather is deemed unfriendly. Also, there are no available washrooms on the island, so it’s wise to use the public showers before the trip.

Bohol & Panglao – The Full Experience: 5-day Package

For people whose wanderlust can’t be quenched by a day tour, this is one of the best Philippines Tour Packages to book to maximise time in Bohol.

The tour aims to immerse its guests through all the best that Bohol has to offer, from Virgin Island to Pamilacan. Learn about the province’s geological features and wildlife, and interact with the locals during lunchtime.

The package includes accommodation, transportation, daily breakfast, snorkeling gear, and entrance fees to all sites. 

Anda Bohol: 2-day Tour

This is another spot in Bohol that is famous for its beaches and cave pools. The perfect package for nature lovers, this tour will take its guests to the biggest waterfall in Bohol, the Can-Umantad Falls. Not only that, the tour also includes exploration of the Cabagnow Cave Pool, as well as an optional half-hour ATV tour amidst the Chocolate Hills for a small fee.

The package requires a group of at least 4 people, and has complimentary breakfast and lunch on Day 2. It also includes a tour coordinator, transportation, accommodation, and entrance fees to all sites. 

Source: Abrahamtours
Image Source: Abrahamtours