Davao – Best Foodtrip Destinations

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines’ southern region, Davao is a city brimming with life and flavor. Its captivating tapestry of culture, thriving biodiversity, and breathtaking landscapes set the stage for a culinary adventure. With a diverse populace and a coastal embrace, Davao City boasts an abundance of gastronomic wonders, ready to satiate every palate. Whether you crave the authenticity of Filipino classics or the epicurean allure of international cooking, this city has a culinary treasure trove for one to explore after wanting to take a break from the usual fast food.

Say no more when looking for a Davao food guide. This blog post will give you an account of the most interesting places to eat and drive you through a delectable road map of the best places to eat and of Davao City’s finest food destinations, a feast that promises to tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.

Gastronomic Hotspots and Best Places to Eat in Davao City

The food scene in Davao City is as diverse as its people. Their love for food is evident — from classic home-grown Filipino dishes to international fares like Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, and German. Davao has a great lineup of places to eat or satisfy one’s cravings. From pizza to dessert, grill or cooked dishes, beef, shrimps or seafood and vegan dishes, your search for a great meal may just end here and leave the place full and content.

When in Davao, whether as a first time visitor or a returning guest, you might want to spend some time in these gastronomic hotspots to sample local cuisines or international flavors.


Considered one of the original food districts in the city. It may be smaller than the other areas but people come here for its neighborhood vibe. A park near the restaurants offers some quiet time after your cravings are satisfied.

F. Torres St. and Anda St.

The streets hold some of the major food districts in the city and home to some of the popular restaurants in Davao, from Classic to Japanese — there is a meal waiting for anyone’s craving. The street is just a stone’s throw away from major hotel rows in the city so people can just walk to these streets. They can deliver, too if you are too lazy to walk. They have everything you can ever wish for, from breakfast to dinner selections.

Juna Subdivision and Matina

Juna Subdivision is one of the biggest food districts in Davao that  offers a variety of dining options. Within a kilometer stretch, you will find popular street food, and rows of restaurants and cafes where food and beverage prices are reasonable even for a complete meal.

Just outside the subdivision is the Matina Town Square, where you can have a filling meal while enjoying live music at night.

Best Places to Eat in Davao City

Hey Monday! Deli

Hey Monday! Deli Interior | Photo from HeyMondaydelidvo Facebook page

Once a humble one-table establishment huddled within a space in a private home, Hey Monday! Deli has blossomed into a vibrant and extensive eatery within the heart of Poblacion Market Central. Guided by the culinary talents of chef proprietors Nikki del Mundo and Louise Plasencia, this gourmet restaurant draws inspiration from their adventures in New York City. The result? A globally influenced menu that introduces delectable creations like the Jamaican Oxtail Rice Bowl and the mouthwatering chicken and waffles. Yet, their Lamb Burger, complemented by julienned Jicama, stands out as a must-try masterpiece and arguably one of the finest in Davao.

Hey Monday! Deli’s signature dishes also include the Pork Belly Rice Bowl and Camarones Rice Bowl. For an exclusive dining experience, consider reserving the upstairs room. It also has a private room accommodating 16-20 people.

Jack’s Ridge

Image taken from Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant Facebook page

Perched atop the scenic Shrine Hills in Matina, Jack’s Ridge is a resort and restaurant complex standing as one of Davao’s most coveted havens for leisure and dining. Jack’s Ridge offers not only a feast for the palate but also a visual treat for its visitors.

This renowned destination boasts a remarkable blend of breathtaking panoramas and profound historical significance. Once the backdrop for intense World War II battles, Jack’s Ridge has since evolved into a poignant memorial park, paying homage to the courage of Filipino and American soldiers who once fought gallantly on its hallowed grounds.

Today, Jack’s Ridge beckons visitors to savor leisure and camaraderie with loved ones. Its enchanting landscape is adorned with a delightful array of dining establishments and cafes. It offers an eclectic fusion of culinary delights from traditional Filipino fare to the exotic flavors of international cuisines. As you dine, savor a refreshing beverage while gazing upon the mesmerizing cityscape that sprawls beneath you from this elevated vantage point.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Jack’s Ridge extends an array of entertainment to suit diverse tastes, including a KTV bar.

Vistaview Resto Hilltop

Image source: https://www.philippinetraveler.com/vista-view-resto/

Vistaview is another of Davao’s hidden gems, sitting on a serene hill and offering a captivating panoramic tableau of both the bustling Maharlika Highway and the vibrant heart of Davao City. The spectacle transcends on clear days, where an expansive and unhindered vista unfurls, revealing the tranquil Davao Gulf and the distant allure of Samal Island. Hence, this restaurant is celebrated for its awe-inspiring views and bold claim: the “Best Filipino Food with the Best View of Davao City.”

Vistaview highlights a symphony of Filipino flavors in its menu, a delighting journey for your taste buds. Classic Filipino favorites like the crispy sisig and the savory kare-kare call to embrace tradition with each exquisite bite.

Adventurous souls can venture into the realm of Davao’s local delicacies, savoring the mouthwatering Sinuglaw and proceeding into the exotic realm of crocodile meat dishes. Among the culinary stars, the restaurant’s signature Boodle Bilao, a Filipino-style barbecue extravaganza, reigns supreme, ensuring a crowd-pleasing experience you simply cannot afford to miss.

Complementing their delectable cuisine, Vistaview Resto also houses a charming bar and cafe, offering an impressive array of locally sourced coffee and libations. As you sip on the renowned Mt. Apo Altura coffee, you’ll be entranced by the picturesque panorama that unfolds before you. For the daring coffee connoisseur, there’s the world’s most expensive brew, civet coffee, also known as kopi luwak. This rare blend is made from beans that have been digested and excreted by civet cats, resulting in an aroma and flavor profile unparalleled by any other coffee.

Garden Bay Resort

Image source: https://garden-bay-restaurant-resort.business.site/

Garden Bay is a Filipino Asian Cuisine establishment that offers a unique dining experience. Situated beside the serene sea, the restaurant provides various seating options to cater to its diverse clientele. You’ll find an inviting al fresco dining area that overlooks the lush garden and a vibrant children’s playground, an enclosed main restaurant for a more intimate ambiance, and an open-air section offering picturesque ocean views.

One of the undeniable highlights at Garden Bay is their Binagoongang Baboy, a dish bursting with explosive flavors that electrify the palate. This flavorful delight is just one example of the culinary prowess you can expect at this restaurant.

Garden Bay has gained a well-deserved reputation for its best-selling dishes, which include Tempura Shrimp, Tuna Salpicao, Crispy Pata Boneless, Cheesy Baked Scallops, Patatim, and Malasugue Kinilaw with Grilled Pork. These signature offerings showcase the restaurant’s commitment to providing a diverse menu that caters to various tastes, ensuring that every diner can find something to relish.

With its tranquil seaside location and a menu featuring traditional Filipino and Asian flavors, Garden Bay is a destination where you can savor delightful cuisine while basking in the beauty of the surroundings. Whether you seek a family-friendly dining experience by the garden, a cozy meal in the enclosed restaurant, or a romantic evening with a sea view, Garden Bay offers a memorable culinary journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of Filipino and Asian cuisine.

Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar

Image from Huckleberry Southern Kitchen Facebook page

Huckleberry is a haven for lovers of southern-style cooking. It beckons with a charming ambiance characterized by rustic interiors and inviting, plush seating.

Their menu boasts an array of delectable offerings, ranging from their renowned signature dish, Shrimp and Grits, to their indulgent Pecan Pie, each meticulously crafted with the freshest ingredients and a symphony of flavors.

Beyond the enticing dishes, this establishment boasts an impressive array of beverages, including craft cocktails, beers, and wines, all meticulously curated to complement your meal. Whether you prefer a crisp craft beer or a refined glass of wine, the staff can guide you toward the ideal pairing.

Overall, Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar is a great place to enjoy delicious Southern cuisine in a cozy and inclusive environment.

Dirty Sanchez

Image taken from Dirty Sanchez Facebook page

Dirty Sanchez stands as a beloved Mexican-inspired culinary spot in Davao. The menu at Dirty Sanchez is a culinary adventure in itself, offering a diverse array of dishes that traverse the Mexican landscape. Every palate is promised an extraordinary journey, from the beloved classics of nachos and tacos to the more daring delights of burrito bowls and chimichangas. Among them shines the Dirty Sanchez Burrito, essential for anyone stepping into this gastronomic haven.

But it’s more than just the delectable fare that keeps patrons returning. The restaurant staff personifies the essence of hospitality, making every visitor feel right at home. Their warmth and attentiveness create an inviting haven for all crossing the threshold.

Polo Bistro

Image taken from www.marcopolohotels.com

Polo Bistro, situated in the renowned Marco Polo Davao, is the one restaurant in the city everybody aspires to dine in. What distinguishes this culinary gem is its unwavering commitment to sourcing and incorporating the freshest, highest-quality ingredients that have made Davao City a gastronomic beacon, artfully woven into its intercontinental a la carte offerings.

Polo Bistro beckons patrons to embark on a distinctive dining journey that effortlessly marries sophistication with relaxation. Its idyllic setting adjacent to the hotel’s open-air swimming pool immerses diners in a resort-style ambiance, inviting them to unwind and savor every moment of their culinary exploration.

Annipie Cafe (Davao’s home-grown cafe)

Image from Annipie Bakery Cafe Facebook page

Annipie Cafe is a charming, home-grown cafe located in the bustling city of Davao. It has gained a reputation for serving the best cinnamon in the town. Its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a popular spot for locals and tourists.

One of the standout features of Annipie Cafe is its commitment to using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients in its food and beverages. From the rich, aromatic coffee beans to the buttery croissants and flaky pastries, every item on the menu is made with care and attention to detail.

In addition to its delicious food and drink offerings, Annipie Cafe has a warm, welcoming ambiance that sets it apart from other cafes in the area. The cozy interior, with its comfortable seating and rustic decor, invites guests to relax and unwind as they savor their coffee and treats.

Overall, Annipie Cafe is a must-visit destination for anyone in Davao who appreciates high-quality coffee and pastries and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to work, a cozy place to catch up with friends, or simply a delicious pick-me-up, Annipie Cafe is the perfect place to go.

Big Bang Food Park

Image taken by Yessa The EXPLORER from Trip.com

Big Bang Park is the largest and most iconic food park within the city’s vibrant landscape. Its strategic location on San Pedro Street, just opposite the renowned Emcor establishment, makes it an easily accessible culinary haven for locals and tourists alike. For those seeking the easiest route to this gastronomic paradise, consider boarding a taxi with the “San Pedro Route,” including options such as Route 8, 10, 11, Puan, Bangkal, and Matina, and embark on a delightful journey to culinary nirvana.

Stepping into this culinary wonderland will immerse you in a cornucopia of food stalls, each offering an alluring array of delectable choices. The sheer abundance of options might pleasantly overwhelm you, but fear not; attentive attendants are on hand to simplify your dining experience. With menus in tow, they graciously approach your table, ensuring you can make informed selections without ever leaving your seat.

As the sun dips below the city’s horizon, the park transforms into a colorful oasis, illuminated by the vibrant glow of its stalls. The aroma of sizzling delicacies wafts through the air, mingling with the joyous hum of conversation and laughter. This harmonious atmosphere invites you to savor the flavors on your plate and the friendliness that permeates the entire park.

Camella Davao

If you’re searching for accommodation in Davao, look no further than Camella Davao. This residential development boasts a selection of comfortable homes ideally suited for families and individuals. Moreover, its strategic location places you close to some of the city’s finest dining establishments and culinary hotspots.

In summary, whether you’re a devoted food enthusiast or an adventurer seeking new experiences, Davao should undoubtedly be on your travel itinerary. With Camella Davao serving as your home away from home, you’ll have the perfect launchpad to explore the myriad gastronomic delights this city offers.