Dingalan Travel Guide: Aurora’s New Paradise

Experience the varied vibes of Aurora’s eastern paradise in Dingalan! If you are heading there soon, this Dingalan travel guide will surely help. Provided in this travel guide are necessary information you need to know to know before visiting the place. Information such as travel requirements, getting there, where to stay, activities, sample itinerary, budget, and other tips.

About Dingalan

Ragged and rustic, wild and treacherous, the beautiful landscape of Dingalan evokes varied feels. From the cliffside hills that resemble those in Batanes to the jagged and rocky southern coast reminiscent of those in Dasol and Laswitan. But despite some similarities to popular spots in the Philippines, Dingalan is still Dingalan… unique and distinct from the others.

Laktas Falls in Ibona

The southernmost municipality of the Province of Aurora, Dingalan is situated at the east coast of Central Luzon fronting the roaring Philippine Sea with Sierra Madre Mountain range to the east. Beyond the varied coastal attractions of the town, Dingalan also boasts of other inland natural wonders – mountain peaks, waterfalls, rivers and cave systems! All waiting to be explored!

Experience this emerging hotspot of Aurora and feel the varied vibes the town offers. Come and discover Dingalan!

Kuligig in Barangay Ibona

How to Get to Dingalan

Cabanatuan to Dingalan

From Metro Manila, make your way to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, the gateway to the Province of Aurora.

Several bus lines ply daily from Pasay, Avenida, Cubao and Caloocan to Cabanatuan including Genesis Transport, Five Star Bus, Baliwag Transit and ES Transport. Travel time is approximately three hours and fare is at least P185.00 (May 2017 rate). There are also vans in Cubao going to Cabanatuan.

Buses and vans from Metro Manila stop at Cabanatuan Central Terminal where the vans and buses to Dingalan are also stationed. The earliest local bus trip to Dingalan from here is at around 7AM, travel time is at least two hours and fare is around P90 (May 2017 rate). Vans are also available as early as 4AM and depart when they are full, travel time is faster at 1.5 hours and fare is P100 (May 2017 rate).

San Jose to Dingalan

Those coming from the north may opt to catch a van from San Jose, Nueva Ecija. Travel time is at least two hours and fare is around P120.

The ragged Matawe Beach

Going Around and Away

Tricycle is the common mode of transport around town, minimum fare is P15. In the farm and interior barangay, Kuliglig or a makeshift plower, is used for transport.

From the bus stop in the downtown to Feeder Port in Barangay Paltic or vice versa, tricycle fare is only P15 per passenger.

From Barangay Paltic to White Beach at the foot of the lighthouse’s hill, you can either charter a boat for P800 round-trip good for 10 persons or walk along the coast for roughly 30 minutes. Going back is the same, but you can charter a boat at cheaper rate (50-75% cheaper) if you didn’t get one going there.

Going to Matawe Beach from downtown, you may charter a tricycle at P150 per trike good for five or catch the local bus starting at around 10AM at the town proper. The bus comes from Cabanatuan and goes straight to Umiray passing by Matawe, Abungan and Ibona.

Going back to Cabanatuan, you may ride a van from downtown with earliest departure at around 5AM and last at around 3PM. Local bus from Umiray with first trip at around 6AM and last trip at 3PM.

The stretch of White Beach in Barangay Paltic

Where to Stay in Dingalan

There is no high end resort or hotel in town, only inns, lodges and small-time hotels offering basic to average accommodation. There are also resorts with cottages in Barangay Paltic, Butas na Bato and Matawe that offer basic amenities.

Top-Rated Accommodation in Dingalan

Cave Beach Resort
Aplaya, Dingalan
Starts at P2,500

Zen Tierras Farm by Cocotel
Aplaya, Dingalan
Starts at P1,200

Gina’s Guesthouse
Purok Almasiga, Barangay Paltic
Contact No: +63966-9802278
Rate: Starts at P2,500 and up for private room

Shalom Guesthouse and Restobar
Purok Almasiga, Barangay Paltic
Contact No: +639162106268
Rate: P300/person for dormitory room; P1,500 and up for private room

Fil Dane Inn Boutique Hotel
Purok 1, Gomez Street
Contact No: +639177077153 / +639988836182
Rate: As low as P1,200/night on de-luxe aircon room (offpeak rate)

Buboy and Lourdes Cottages
White Beach, Barangay Paltic
Rate: Tent rental at P500/night; Cottage starts at P1,000 per night

Coastal Cove
Barangay Butas na Bato
Contact No: +639350154006

Matawe Bay Ocean Front Resort
Barangay Matawe
Contact No: +639951379005 / +639288407092

White Beach Resort
White Beach, Barangay Paltic

Juniban Resort
Barangay Butas na Bato

Flory’s Beach Resort
Barangay Butas na Bato
Contact No: +639084239084

Carpio Beach Resort
Barangay Butas na Bato
Contact No: +639556752977

Aside from those listed above, there are other inns, home stays and beach front cottages in town. So no need to worry if you have no advanced booking or reservation.

The coast of Paltic en route to White Beach

Where to Eat in Dingalan

Shalom Guesthouse and Restobar in Barangay Paltic offers the usual menu – rice meals, pasta and shakes.

Marilou’s Eatery in Barangay Matawe is an unassuming eatery offering cheap but good home-cooked dishes. They also offer a generous serving of special halo-halo for only P20! Don’t miss it!

What to Do in Dingalan

  • Trek to the lighthouse, mountain view or viewdeck
  • Camp in White Beach or Matawe Inter-Tidal Beach
  • Beach hopping
  • Chase waterfalls: Tanawan Falls, Abungan Falls, Laktas Falls, Tabi Falls and Iyapit Falls
  • Swim in Lipit Picnic Area along Ibona River
  • Charter a boat to Lamaw Caves
  • See the panoramic view of the town at Tanawan View Deck
  • Go windsurfing in Aplaya and Butas na Bato
  • Head on to Baler to surf
The coast of Barangay Cabog en route to Matawe Beach

Sample Dingalan Itinerary

Estimated budget: P1,800 per person (for two-person sharing)

Day 1:
0000H: Assembly in Cubao
0100H: Cubao to Cabanatuan
0400H: Arrival in Cabanatuan Central Terminal | Transfer to Dingalan-bound bus
0600H: Arrival in Dingalan | Breakfast | Charter trike to Abungan
0700H: Abungan Falls, Laktas Falls, Lipit Picnic Area
1200H: Back in Ibona | Trike or Bus to Matawe
1230H: Arrival in Matawe | Lunch at Marilou’s (Do not miss their cheap Specia Halo-Halo)
1400H: Matawe Intertidal Beach Beach
1500H: Bus+trike to Feeder Port or Direct trike to Feeder Port | Shop for food and other items
1600H: Register | Get a guide
1630H: Trek to White Beach
1700H: Arrival in White Beach | Rent a tent or cottage | Dinner | Free Time | Lights Out

Day 2:
0400H: Call Time
0430H: Trek to Lighthouse or Mountain View
0530H: Sunrise in Lighthouse or Mountain View
0700H: Trek back
0730H: Back in White Beach | Breakfast | Break camp | Check out
0900H: Trek back to Feeder Port
0930H: Back in Barangay Paltic | Trike to Tanawan Falls (one-way)
1000H: Arrival at Tanawan Falls
1200H: Fix-up | Trike to Dingalan town
1230H: Lunch
1400H: Van or Bus to Cabanatuan
1500H: Arrival in Cabanatuan Central Terminal | Bus to Cubao
1830H: Back in Cubao


  • As much as possible, avoid the Amihan Season which is usually from November to March.
  • Mobile signal is present in downtown and around the White Beach area.
  • Guide is really not necessary in most spots except for the trek to the Lighthouse or View Deck so make it clear to your guide.
  • Guide Fee is P200 per spot, additional fee if they joined you on the trek to the White Beach and back.
  • Again you can either charter a boat going to the White Beach for P800 round-trip good for 10 persons or walk along the coast for roughly 30 minutes. Going back is the same, but you can charter a boat at cheaper rate (50-75% cheaper) if you didn’t get one going there.

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