Education Planner Calculator

How to Use:

Enter your “Child’s Name” and “Child’s Current Age”. This will be helpful in tracking and noting your plan especially when you have more than 1 children.

Input the “Number of Years Before College”. This answers the question, how many years will it take before your child starts his/her college education?

The “Current College Education Cost” refers to the present value of tuition fee and other college expenses. It is much better if you already planned the exact school where you will send your child, so you can research the educational costs in that specific school.

To compute for the “Future Cost of Education”, enter the current or expected “Inflation Rate”.

Finally, type in the “Investment Return Rate”. This is your expected rate of return on your investment.

Child name: Grace
Current Age: 2
No. of years before college: 10
Current College Education Cost: ₱ 500,000
Inflation Rate” 7.0%
Investment Rate Return: 5.0%

Future Cost: ₱ 983,575.68
Yearly Investment Required: ₱ 74,475.02
Monthly Investment Required: ₱ 6,206.25