Jomalig Travel Guide To Quezon Province

Introducing Jomalig Island

Jomalig Island is an isolated paradise in the easternmost part of Polilio Group. Pronounced as “humalig”, Jomalig is an island municipality of Quezon Province. Locals of the island are called “Jomaligins” and are among the kindest persons I have met. They are the pride of the island more than its striking scenery.

The Golden Sand of Jomalig’s Salibungot Beach

Jomalig Island is surrounded with golden sand and rich turquoise water, where most locals get their livelihood. Their premier beach is situated in Salibungot (Sitio Burungawan) with a long coastline of golden sand uniquely dotted with agoho trees and a sandbar on the other end during low tide.

Salibungot Beach in 2008

The beauty of the island, the serenity of the place and its warm people are the charm of this lovely town. Experience Jomalig and fall in love with this golden paradise.

How to Get to Jomalig

By Air

Jomalig has an airstrip, so it is possible to charter a plane to go to here.

By Land/Sea

Going to Jomalig is an adventurer’s treat especially if you go there by boat. There are three possible ways to get there by boats: via Real and Atimonan, Quezon; and Panganiban, Camarines Norte. These are not commercial boats but cargo vessels. Going there by boat is difficult from October to mid-March due to huge waves brought by northeast monsoon or amihan.

Approaching Jomalig Island

Via Real

This  is the most common route since there are regular boats from Real that go to Jomalig. The boats are found in Ungos Port near the school (not in Puerto Real). There are usually three departures on a good day – 5AM, 7AM and 10AM. These boats ferry cargoes and fish as well. Fare starts at P500 per person and usually includes fisherman’s meal, travel time is at least 4 hours.

If you miss the boat to Jomalig, you may opt to catch a boat to its neighboring island of Patnanungan, and then charter a boat to Jomalig from there.

Going to Real via public transport, catch an Infanta or Real bus bound in Legarda, Manila. Raymond Bus Line has round-a-clock schedule for Infanta/Real for at least four hours of bus ride passing to Rizal Province, Siniloan and Famy in Laguna. Bus fare starts at P250.00. Get off at the docking station near the school before the Puerto Real port.

Alternatively, there are vans located near Raymond Bus Terminal, fare starts at P300 Travel time is three to four hours.

Via Atimonan

Boats to Jomalig from Atimonan ferry copra, but unlike Real, the ferry services from this point are irregular and not on daily basis. Travel time from Atimonan to Jomalig takes six to seven hours.

From Manila, Atimonan is accessible by land transportation. Buses going to southern towns of Quezon and Bicol pass to Atimonan. Travel time is approximately four hours. Once in the town, take a tricycle to go to the port.

Via Panganiban

Like Atimonan, boats to Jomalig from Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte have irregular ferry schedules although this is the closest entry point to Jomalig from mainland Luzon. Travel time takes three to four hours.

Catch a bus going to Daet and get off at Talobatib Junction in Labo. From Talobatib Junction, you can ride a bus going to Panganiban, bus fare is less than P50. Travel time from Manila to Talobatib is approximately six to seven hours, and from Talobatib to Panganiban is around an hour to an hour-and-a-half.

Sunset at Sitio Landing

Where to Stay in Jomalig

There are no high-end hotels in town, only homestays and lodges. I stayed in Tejada’s Place in Sitio Landing which offers rooms for P500 per night (with toilet and bath) and P300 for rooms with common toilet and bath. It is owned by Tatay Rudy and Nanay Aida, they are very warm, accommodating and very kind. Tejada’s Place is along the beach with a great view of sunset. Contact No: +63939-9027532/ +63907-5375234.

Camping along the beach is also allowed, but bring your own camping equipment.

Here’s the list of places to stay in Jomalig as of April 2017:

Resort Name Contact No. Location
Apple Beach Resort +639466359115 / +639565524246 Sitio Muros, Barangay Talisay
Balwarte Farm & Resort +639094835485 / +639776663998 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
Banana Beach Resort +639100527501 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
Caparas Beach Resort +639299573655 Sitio Boton, Barangay Gango
Ella Beach Resort +639999938058 / +639214696827 Sitio Bigwangan, Barangay Talisay
Hayahay Beach Resort +639123427844 / +639078087535 Barangay Casuguran
Humalik Beach Resort +639094848654 Barangay Apad
Jojomalig Beach Resort +639399034275 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
Jojomaligaya Beach Resort +639478919617 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
Kadena Beach Resort +639097755317 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
L & J Beach Resort +639186565477 / +639084362153 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
Lolita Beach Resort +639108623231 / +639151374545 Sitio Boton, Barangay Gango
Purakay Beach Resort +639108316888 / +639162800158 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
South Pacific Island Resort +639078285161 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
Tapado Beach Resort +639216759983 Barangay Bukal
Tato Farm & Beach Resort +639174537360 Sitio Bigwangan, Barangay Talisay
Tejada Beach Resort +639399027532 Sitio Bigwangan, Barangay Talisay
Villa Corazon +639195263502 / +639563913586 Sitio Salibungot, Barangay Talisay
Salibungot Beach

Activities in Jomalig

Being there is a great escape from chaotic city living. Sit on the sand, see the sunset, enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the place, kill time, mingle with the people. Jomalig is a paradise, a golden paradise.

Other activities to enjoy your stay in Jomalig are:

  • Swimming and Beach Hopping (Sitio Burungawan is a must visit place)
  • Snorkeling
  • See the mangroves in Sitio Landing
  • Go island hopping
  • Camping/Picnic
  • Visit Little Boracay, Little Batanes (Lingayen Cove), Canaway Beach, Golden Sandbar and Bigwangan Lake
  • Explore the other islands and beaches of Polilio Island Group specially those in the town of Burdeos
Kids at play at Jomalig Port

Sample Jomalig Island Itinerary Overnight

Estimate Budget: Approximately P2900 / person

Day 1
1200H – 0400H Manila to Real
0400H – 0500H Proceed to Ungos Port / coffee + snacks
0500H – 1000H Boat: Real to Jomalig
1000H – 1030H Proceed to resort
1030H – 1230H Rest / Brunch
1230H – 1700H Motorbike Tour: Lone Tree Field, Little Boracay, Lingayen Cove, Golden Sand, Kanaway Beach, Buton Sandbar, Salibungot Beach
1700H – 1800H Salibungot Beach Sunset
1800H – 1830H Return to resort
1830H – 2000 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0630H – 0800H Call time / breakfast
0800H – 0900H Free time / beach
0900H – 1000H Proceed to port
1000H – 1500H Boat: Jomalig to Real
1500H – 1600H Late lunch
1600H – 1700H Proceed to bus terminal / waiting time
1700H – 2200H Bus: Real to Manila

Breakdown of Expenses

Particulars Cost
Bus: Manila to Real P220/person
Tricycle: Bus Station to Ungos Port P10/person
Terminal Fee P10/person
Boat: Real to Jomalig P400/person
Jomalig Tourism & Environmental Fee P170/person
Motorbike: Jomalig Port to Resort P50/person
Accommodation P500/night (2-person haring)
Motorbike Island Tour P600/person
Miscellaneous Expenses (food, souvenirs, personal expenses, etc.) ~P500/person
Motorbike: Resort to Jomalig Port P50/person
Boat: Jomalig to Real P400/person
Tricycle to Bus Station P10/person
Bus: Real to Manila P220/person


  • Going to Jomalig is already an adventure, a worthy adventure. Boat ride can be rough at times and generally rough during the ‘ber’ months up to January. The boats are cargo vessels so don’t expect a designed passenger space. Try riding on top of the boat, it is a great experience. When the water gets rough, find your own place inside.
  • Meals aboard are fisherman’s meal and designed for cowboy people, otherwise prepare and pack your own meals.
  • Electricity in the island is up from 6 PM to 1 AM only. Globe and Smart have mobile signals.
  • Hire a motorcycle to tour you around, rate starts at P600 per person

Source: Lakwatsero

Image Source: Lakwatsero