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Lynx: Orlando’s Public Transit System

The LYNX bus is Orlando’s public transit system and is a cheap way of getting around Orange, Osceola, Polk, and Lake counties—though the most extensive routes are in Orange. A single ride is only $2, and an all-day pass costs only $4.50.

Sarah has lived in the Orlando area for 5 years and has experienced almost everything that Orlando has to offer.

Orlando’s LYNX Bus

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What Is LYNX?

LYNX is Orlando’s public transit system, but the bus routes actually serve other areas besides Orlando. LYNX services Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, and Polk counties. However, the most extensive service areas are Orange and Osceola counties, with more limited service to Seminole, Lake, and Polk counties. Each individual county generally has its own public transit system specific to the area, so LYNX is considered the primary public transit for the Orange County regional area.


The cost is not too expensive, so if you’re not in a hurry and you don’t mind taking at least half an hour or an hour to get to your destination, the LYNX bus is a good option for getting around. A single ride is $2, and the discounted price is $1. If you need to transfer, you can let the driver know so that they can print the option for transfer onto your single ride ticket. Transfers are free and you have up to 90 minutes to transfer to your next bus.

The all-day pass costs $4.50, and the discounted price is $2.25. The all-day pass is valid from 4 a.m. on the day that you purchase and use it and will end at 3 am the next day, so there is plenty of time to use the pass. If you need to use the LYNX bus more than once that day, getting the all-day pass is a good idea because you’re not limited. Therefore, you can take the bus as often as you need.

If you are on vacation in the area and need to take the bus many times for many days, you can purchase a 7-day pass which costs $16 and only $8 for the discounted price. There is also a monthly pass or 30-day pass, which costs $50, and the discounted price is $25. The NeighborLink costs the same for a single ride as the normal LYNX. The purpose of NeighborLink is to help get people living in less populated areas back to their homes. The NeighborLink system makes it easier for people to transfer from the normal LYNX to a bus that will take them closer to their homes.

To get the discounted fare, you need to visit the LYNX Central Station Lost and Found to get an ID to show the bus driver when you board the bus. Youth, seniors, and disabled persons are eligible for a discounted fare. For youth ages 10–18, you must present your birth certificate or a government ID to get your discount. For youth ages 7–9, it’s not necessary to present a birth certificate or ID for the discount. Youth ages 6 and under can ride the LYNX for free as long as they are riding with an adult. If you are 65 and older, you can get the discount by presenting your Medicaid card or a government-issued ID like a state ID or driver’s license.

Use your smartphone to buy tickets, reducing the need for small bills and coins.

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How to Buy Passes

You can buy a single-ride ticket with cash when you get on any LYNX bus or you can buy passes online. If you would like a physical pass rather than a digital one, you can visit the lynx website, and once you buy them online, they will mail your passes.

However, it takes about a week to get your passes sent to you, so this isn’t a good option if you need tickets or passes immediately. The best way to get your tickets and passes right away is to download the LYNX PawPass app to your phone and with this app, you can purchase single-ride tickets, all-day passes, 7-day passes etc., using your credit card. The tickets will be digital and you’ll be able to activate them with your phone whenever you are ready to use them. It’s very convenient and easy.

Another app to consider is the LYNX Bus Tracker; it can also be downloaded for free. Here you can see—in real-time—when the buses are estimated to arrive and if they are following the schedule. You can also favorite routes you take often, so you don’t have to spend as much time navigating the app to find your bus.

A map of LYNX routes


Routes to Where?

Here is an overview of some of the major destinations and institutions the LYNX can get you to.

Regional Destinations

LYNX takes you to many places in Orange, Osceola, Lake, and Polk counties. You can take LYNX to the major tourist attractions in Orlando, such as Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, the Florida Mall, and International Drive. It’s faster to get an Uber or rent a car, but if you’re short on money and don’t mind taking a leisurely bus ride, you can take the LYNX pretty much everywhere.

Some destinations a lot of people don’t know LYNX can take you to are the Amway Center in downtown Orlando, Camping World Stadium, Fun Spot America theme parks, Gatorland, Millenia Mall, Old Town Kissimmee, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Science Center, the outlets on Vineland and the outlets on International Drive, and the mall at the Loop in Kissimmee. These are lesser-known spots to go on vacation but could be a lot of fun if you don’t want to spend so much money at the major theme parks like Disney, Universal, or Sea World.


LYNX can also take you to the Orlando International Airport (MCO). It can take a long time, and you might need multiple transfers, but if you don’t have any other option and don’t want to pay for an expensive Uber ride, this would be the best choice.


If you are studying at the universities around Orange or Osceola counties, you can also take the LYNX to your university from other places in Orlando. LYNX runs to various universities, including Barry University, DeVry University, Full Sail University, Rollins College, all of Valencia Community College’s campuses, the University of Central Florida aka UCF, and all of Seminole State College’s campuses.


LYNX even takes you to most of the large hospitals located in Orange County, including Advent Health and Orlando Health. There are many more independent branches the LYNX can take you to. Unfortunately, it does take a long time to get there, so LYNX is likely not as feasible an option unless you’re going in for a routine check-up scheduled in advance.

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