There are many iconic Bohol attractions that make this island a paradise to visit, from the stunning Chocolate Hills to a tiny primate called the Tarsier. After visiting Bohol, you’ll only wish you had more time.
Here’s everything you need to know about the best Bohol attractions which you should definitely add to your bucket list for your next visit.

Chocolate Hills

Up first on our list is the Chocolate Hills. Perhaps the most well-known of the Bohol attractions, these rolling grassy mounds have nothing to do with the chocolate that we eat. However, they’re a natural wonder that’s one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the Philippines, and they’re well-worth the trip.

The Chocolate Hills look iconic in the distance: they’re cone-shaped, and emerge from the trees. They’re unique geological landforms made of limestone, and there are more than 1300 of them. These hills were formed millions of years ago due to a mixture of rainfall, erosion, and tectonic plate movement.

If you’re wondering, these hills get their name from their shape and the color. While they’re bright green during the wetter months, they turn chocolate brown during the dry season, when there’s less rain and the grass is dry.

Keep in mind: you can’t climb the hills themselves, but you can climb the steps of an observation deck.

Tarsier Conservation Area

Tarsiers are tiny primates with huge eyes, and they are native to parts of SE Asia, including some islands in the Philippines. One of the most-visited Bohol attractions is the Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc. Home to more than 100 Tarsiers, you can visit this conservation area to see these unique, alien-like primates.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, Tarsiers spend their days holding onto tiny tree branches. You have to stick to the paths to keep your distance from the Tarsiers, and you’ll also be asked to be quiet and turn off your flash, so as to not disrupt the Tarsiers or disturb their sleep. These delicate creatures are nocturnal. But they’re incredibly cute, incredibly tiny, and unique to Bohol Island.

Here’s a fun fact: Tarsiers are rumored to be the inspiration for the Star Wars character “Yoda.”

Another major Bohol attraction is the Loboc River, a river that snakes through bright green trees. The river itself often appears green, as it reflects the ferns that grow along its banks. A great way to explore the Loboc River is by boat ride – you can sail down the river, or use stand up paddleboards (SUPs) to really enjoy the water. The trip down the river is extremely scenic and peaceful, and there are some places to stop along the river.

Interested in visiting the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Conservation Area, and Loboc River during your trip to Bohol? Check out this Countryside Wonders of Bohol Islands tour, which takes you to these spots, and also includes a thrilling ATV ride and other unique stops along the way.

Loboc River

Ingkumhan Falls, Pahangog Falls, and Dam-Agan Falls

Next up on our list of Bohol attractions is a four-in-one. This island is home to many epic waterfalls, which feed into natural ponds and pools. While there’s no shortage of waterfalls in Bohol, Ingkumhan Falls, Pahangog Falls, and Dam-Agan Falls are a few of the most popular to visit.

When it comes to visiting waterfalls in Bohol, some are quick and easy to get to, while others involve a more adventurous journey. Many of these waterfalls are almost secret, some have swings, and they also have rich greenery, big trees, and unique rock formations.

Exploring these and other waterfalls is a great way to spend a day on the island, especially when it’s hot out, when the cool water is a welcome treat from the heat. If you’re interested in visiting these waterfalls, be sure to check out our Hidden Bohol Waterfalls tour, which takes you on a off-the-beaten-path trip to these incredible places.

Ingkumhan Falls

Napaling Cliff & Hinagdanan Cave

Bohol has more than just above-ground wonders: it also has unique caves to explore. Hinagdanan Cave is a natural cave with a deep lagoon, where you can even swim. Rock formations hang from the ceiling, and sunlight comes in through small holes, lighting the cave.

A trip to this cave is best paired with a stop at Napaling Cliff. It’s best known for being a location where a “sardine run” happens at snorkel depth. There’s a reef just a bit off the shore, and you can take your time snorkeling the reef.

Virgin Island

If you’re dreaming of spending a day on a pristine, nearly-private sandbar island in the middle of the ocean, then be sure to put Virgin Island on your list. Pungtud Island, more famously known as Virgin Island, is off the coast of Bohol, and it’s actually a sandbar which expands and shrinks with the tide.You can visit the island to stretch out on the white sand, enjoy the beautiful Bohol weather, and swim in the crystal clear waters (be sure to remember your snorkel!)

Tip: visitors typically reach Virgin Island by taking a tour. While many tours can visit the island at around the same time during the day (leading to crowds), Abraham Tours offers a Virgin Island Sunset Tour, where we head to the island after lunch, to avoid the crowds and soak in the once-in-a-lifetime sunset.

Baclayon Church

There are also many cultural, historical, and religious places to visit in Bohol, one of the most famous being the Baclayon Church. This Roman Catholic church is a National Cultural Treasure and National Historic Landmark in the Philippines, and it’s one of the oldest Catholic churches in the country. It’s still structurally original, and was built in the 1720s. Visitors can visit the church, as well as the museum that’s inside.

The pubs of Panglao

While this island is best known for its natural wonders, not all Bohol attractions have to do with nature: there are plenty of food and nightlife options for you to explore during your stay. If you’re interested in dancing the night away, making new friends, or relaxing with a beer in hand, then be sure to check out the pubs and bars in Panglao. Located in the province of Bohol, this little island has a thriving nightlife scene. You can pop around on your own (or with your friends) to the local hotspots, or join a Panglao Pub Crawl, to visit some of the most unique bars with some new friends. If you want to discover the best restaurants in Panglao, check out our list of top dining spots there.

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