Pamilacan Island Overview

Today, the Pamilacan natives help take care of the island’s flora and fauna, as well as marine life, which has become one of the main attractions for local and international tourists visiting this island. Most people visiting Bohol would plan a day trip to Pamlacan Island. However, you can also spend 2-3 days here with lots of things to do or simply enjoy the beach and the slow-paced life in the Philippines.

Pamilcan is a great option for people who prefer less touristy areas because it isn’t as famous as other destinations in the Philippines, like Cebu or Palawan. This also means fewer crowded places, which makes for a smoother experience.

Although Pamilacan can typically be visited all throughout the year, the best time to travel here is between the months of February and May – the summer season of the Philippines and less likely to rain. December is an awesome time to go as well, but this is a peak season because of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

On the other hand, going to the island from June to November, which is the rainy season, is not recommended because it’s very likely that the boat trip to Pamicalan might be cancelled if the waves and winds become rough during stormy weather.


Best Activities

Pamilacan Island boasts plenty of activities to keep its visitors engaged, which is obviously topped by dolphin watching. Several species of dolphins frequent the Pamilacan seas, including bottlenose, Risso, and Fraser, to name a few.

Also, the possibility of seeing whales and whale sharks makes for an exciting tour because these majestic creatures are known to drop by the area at random times. Snorkelling is another activity where tourists can marvel at the ocean floor teeming with aquatic creatures. Expect to see various species of sea snails and sea slugs, shrimps, and schools of fishes swimming to and fro, plus the moray eels playing hide and seek in vibrant coral reefs.

Aside from the different water activities that the island offers, guests who would like to learn more about Pamilacan’s history during Spanish rule can also visit the 200-year-old Spanish Fort located in the northeastern part of the island. The fort was once used by Spaniards to monitor the sea for potential maritime threats.

To immerse in the local’s way of life, visitors may walk around the 12-km (7.5 miles) island and enjoy the views and mingle with the friendly and accommodating locals. Soaking in the waters and exploring the island has to offer is, without a doubt, tiresome. But, guests need not to worry because they can cap off their day with a relaxing open-air massage while enjoying the sunset over the horizon.

How to Reach Pamilacan Island from Bohol

There are a few ways to get from Bohol to Pamicalan Island. From Tagbilaran City in Bohol, you can either take public transport to Loay Port or book a private car. From Loay Port, you can take a ferry to Tagbilaran Island, and the travel time is between 40 and 50 minutes. Finding the correct jeep or van can be confusing, while private transfer is usually not the most convenient.

Another less complicated option is booking a tour. There are daily tours and overnight tours, depending on what you like. Booking a tour, the travel company will arrange the transportation from your hotel to Loay Port, the ferry to Pamilacan Island, and the activities you can do while there. This is much more convenient, and you can focus on relaxing and enjoying what Pamilacan Island offers.

Pamilacan Island Day Tour

Going on a DIY trip sounds fun and exciting, but the reality is that it is time-consuming and may not be the best option for people who don’t enjoy doing all the heavy lifting of a do-it-yourself trip. If you have a limited time, it’s best to go on an organized tour where all you need to do is showing at the meeting place and enjoy the views, activities, and the company of people you’ll meet. That’s the problem that Abraham Tours has been solving for many travelers. Abraham offers a day tour to Pamilacan Island, where guests can expect to have a smooth and authentic experience. Abraham will arrange all the transportation, guides, and tours needed on your behalf. You will be taken care of from Bohol to Pamicalan Island and back to Bohol.

The tour starts with a snorkelling session that highlights the marine diversity of the island’s surrounding waters. After the ocean exploration, the next activity will let you experience the local culture and learn more about it, such as a discussion of the island’s history, economy, and traditions.

This is followed by the opportunity to dine with a local family inside their house, which is a great way to experience how the locals live and learn more about Filipino culture. The tour is wrapped by a relaxing stay at the white beach, where you can cool down, drink some fresh coconuts, and enjoy the view.

What to Bring

You must bring your own swimsuits, towels, and drinks. Also, it’s best to bring a hat and sunscreen for protection from the sun-scorching heat, insect repellent to prevent bug bites, and ear plugs to help reduce the noise coming from the boat’s motor.

The tour also includes the following:

  • Entrance fees
  • Coffee in the morning
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Tour coordination
  • Transportation
  • Lunch

With its diverse marine life, exciting water activities, and friendly locals, Pamilacan Island is absolutely worth a visit. If you’re already around the area, such as Bohol or Panglao, a day trip to Pamilacan is easy and affordable.

Source: Abrahamtours
Image Source: Abrahamtours