Bohol Island Adventures by the Sea: Caves, Dolphins, and More

On my very first day in Bohol, I eagerly signed up for the free experience of “Napaling & Hinagdanan Cave” (a highlight in any Philippines Travel Guide). We began by taking a Multicab to the limestone caves for a refreshing swim before heading to the diving site. The entire itinerary was well-planned, not rushed, and our guide was lively and attentive to everyone. It was also a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow travelers from around the world, a key aspect of traveling in the Philippines. I met a fascinating girl from Peru who owned a hostel there and shared her passion for diving. She had also pre-booked this excursion, which is how we crossed paths. This is an experience I would gladly repeat!

Pamilican Island

Next day, I explored Pamilacan Island, and I must say, it swiftly became one of my all-time favorites on Bohol Island. It’s like discovering a hidden paradise that doesn’t typically make it into the usual travel recommendations for the Philippines. The boat journey took about 40 minutes. En route to Pamilacan Island, our boat captain made a deliberate stop at sea to call dolphins, and we were fortunate to witness nearly 20 dolphins leaping and spinning near our boat—a truly joyful spectacle! But the best part was yet to come. Near Pamilacan, we boarded a small boat to reach a snorkeling spot. Afterward, we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the locals on the island. Despite the warm coconut not being chilled, the food was incredibly tasty, and we savored every bite. What I can’t forget the most is relaxing on a hammock, taking in the picturesque scenery after lunch. I also had the chance to chat with a German yoga teacher living on Bohol Island, who was about to welcome his granddaughter into the world. Our conversation about life and its uncertainties made me realize that no matter our age, we all share common worries, and nobody’s life is perfectly planned. Travel helps us find ourselves and some of the answers.


Philippines Travel Guide: Start in Bohol (Pamilacan Island)

Virgin Island

The final island I explored was Virgin Island—a destination that should be on any Philippines Itinerary. Our journey was momentarily delayed due to low tide, but this allowed us more time to enjoy the sea, snorkel, and witness the beautiful sunset. Photographers would love this opportunity, as the entire boat journey can be captured slowly. Remember to bring your bikini and various photo props for those perfect shots! Onboard, you’ll find stylish floaties available for use and a platter of authentic desserts paired with refreshing coconut drinks—fantastic! Eventually, we reached Virgin Island, and even though it took us longer than expected due to the low tide, we still had ample time for spectacular sunset photos. This island-hopping adventure allowed me to spend more time with the diverse group of travelers I met, like Will from Taiwan, a passionate diver who had been traveling throughout Southeast Asia for the past six months. He cherished this solo travel time as an opportunity to not only make friends but also discover more about himself.


Island Life Insights – Discovering Bohol’s Countryside Wonders

Since getting to the main island of Bohol from Panglao Island can be challenging without the right knowledge of the road conditions, I opted to join the “Countryside Wonders of Bohol” tour. This itinerary allowed me to comfortably enjoy the scenic views from an air-conditioned vehicle with a knowledgeable guide. The boat ride along Loboc River was a pleasant experience, and we had the chance to watch performances in local villages, even joining in the fun with some dancing. Although I’m not one to prioritize visiting famous attractions, seeing the legendary Chocolate Hills and getting up close to the tarsiers was undeniably worth it. In the end, this classic trip confirmed that I had truly experienced Bohol Island. This was also a special journey with a grandmother and her granddaughter, who lived in Liechtenstein and were visiting the grandmother’s native Philippines for the second time. The granddaughter wanted to travel with her grandmother once more before starting university, and she emphasized the importance of seizing the moment.


Bohol Nightlife Extravaganza: Joining the Epic Pub Crawl on the island!

Life on the islands wouldn’t be complete without evening entertainment. I still fondly remember my first Pub Crawl experience at Abraham Tel Aviv, so as soon as I arrived in Bohol, I signed up for the Friday night Pub Crawl. It didn’t disappoint! We got entry to 4 bars and clubs, including shots and drinks! It’s safe to say that it lived up to its reputation as Bohol’s Number 1 Pub Crawl. The hosts were open, friendly, and welcoming to all participants, and I had the pleasure of meeting a fantastic and cool group of people. I’d highly recommend it for solo travelers or those visiting with friends. Because there were so many participants on this trip, I won’t go into detail about every new friend I met, but I have a feeling that I’ll cross paths with them again somewhere else in the world.


Manila- Food and Bamboo Biking in the town

Our guide, Jen, was absolutely awesome, and the tour was incredibly informative—a vital aspect of any Manila walking tour. I joined the “Intramuros Free Tour” with Abraham Tours Manila, where we strolled around the historic city for about 1.5 hours while Jen shared fascinating insights. We even got to explore the famous St. Agustin Church up close, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the country’s oldest church. It was truly worth it. Since I’ve had great experiences with Abraham Tours before, I had no doubt that this would be an excellent tour! Right after the free tour, I hopped on the “Walk, Eat & Bike – Manila City Tour.” This experience offers a genuine Manila adventure you can’t afford to miss—a highlight of any Manila walking tour. Jen started us off by exploring a local market, where we sampled a variety of exotic fruits. From there, we headed to Chinatown to savor some mouthwatering street food. But what truly amazed me was riding bamboo bikes around the old city—it added the perfect touch to our tour! I would eagerly do this fun adventure all over again.



Manila Getaway – Waterfall Wonders and Cultural Delights

After spending a little over a week on Bohol Island, I flew to Manila to continue the second part of my journey. On my first day, I arrived at my accommodation in the evening, and the following day, I wasted no time in heading to Pagsanjan Falls. Although the journey was a bit long, Pagsanjan is an absolute must-visit during a trip to Manila. Before reaching the waterfall, we stopped in a small town where we had the opportunity to experience local transportation on historic railway tracks manually operated by locals. We indulged in Buko Pie (Coconut Pie) and even sampled some locally brewed alcohol at the endpoint on a sunny day. The upstream journey on a bangka (outrigger canoe) was the highlight of the day, with the boatmen’s skill and diligence truly commendable. Finally, we arrived at the waterfall! Don’t forget to wear your swimwear and experience the refreshing waterfall before entering the Devil’s Cave. Afterward, we took a tricycle to a nearby distinctive Filipino-Mexican restaurant for a delicious lunch. This journey was heartwarming, especially as I shared it with an American family. Their 6-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter added a delightful touch with their innocent chatter throughout the day. After spending the entire day with them, I found myself reflecting on the kind of family life and travel experiences I’d want in the future.


Embrace the Unexpected – Start Your Adventure Now!

After more than two weeks of traveling, reuniting with Abraham Tours in both Bohol and Manila made me incredibly happy. I never imagined that my career transition journey would offer such a comfortable yet adventurous travel experience—a testament to the exceptional quality of Abraham Tours in the Philippines, a highlight often mentioned in this Philippines Travel Guide. If you’re still contemplating, go ahead and book the ticket! Leave yourself no room for excuses, and you’ll find yourself moving forward, exploring new horizons, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Trust me, you never know there is a surprise for you. you never know what surprises and wonderful experiences await you around every corner. It’s those unexpected moments and surprises that make every journey memorable and exciting. So, embrace the unknown and be open to the surprises that travel has in store for you. Happy travels! 😊🌍✈️

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