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What is it like living in the Philippines?

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I have been here for 15 years and find the people are no better or no worse than other people around the world. It is human nature to take advantage of people who let you.
I get amused at comments expat’s make about the Philippine’s. They will say how GREAT it is and then say things like – expat’s do not usually last here two years – they will say how great the people are then say they are a bunch of thieves – they will say how great the women are then tell you of an expat that has lost everything to a dishonest woman – they are all quick to tell you how merchants cheat foreigners. They always mention the great smiles but most dishonest people smile alot before they screw you. Some expat’s do not understand they use Filipinos as much as they get used to. They come for sex and take advantage of poverty. They live cheap many times because they do not pay their house help a fair wage.

Yes, living expenses are less and they are less because most Filipinos live in poverty. Merchants cannot charge first world prices if they have no customers. Doctors are not cheaper because they want to charge less. They are cheaper because most Filipinos cannot even afford to go to the doctor now. No one could go if doctors charged first world prices.  Someone pays for a lower cost of living. It is those working six days a week for 3 to 6 dollars a day. They are lucky to get a job paying that much. It is a lie to say you can live like a king in the Philippines on 500 to 800 U.S.A dollars a month. Most expats could not make the sacrifices needed to do that. That is the reason they only last about two years. 

Electricity is the highest of any country in Asia. I use one air conditioner 24/7. It costs around 400 to 500 dollars a month. A decent house is going to cost 500 dollars a month and up. The same brand shoes in the Philippines cost more than in the U.S.A. at the mall.

You may find American products in the grocery store and never find them again. The products supposedly made by U.S.A companies are made in China. Many name brands we purchase in the U.S.A do not even taste the same.

I am very content here and do not desire to return to the U.S.A , but it is not paradise as some (most) expat’s claim. I guess they find it hard to admit they made a mistake moving here.

If you come here and expect to be treated like a Filipino you are going to be surprised. You will always be a foreigner. Family ties and loyalties will always go against a foreigner regardless if the foreigner is right.

Now get mad with me if you like. I do not care. But I speak the truth. I have no DOG in this fight. I have a monthly income from a trust fund of 6000 USA dollars a month and can live anywhere in the world I want. I choose to live in the Philippines.